Report Plan

Introductory notes:

Choice of personality: Gordon Moore

My reasons for choosing Gordon Moore: Without the company he co-founded, INTEL, the PC industry may not have existed and blossomed in quite the same way without Moores genius and farsightedness.

I will write about how the company was started when Moore and Noyce left Fairchild and how the finance was arranged in very short order. I will illustrate how they recognised the potential of the Microprocessor and how Moore helped overcome the difficulties they encountered. I will also cover 'Moore's Law' and how this helped provide a benchmark to the industry, as a whole, and how accurate his forecast was.

Web Links:

1. Intel site. 2. Scientific American interview. 3. Jill Wolfson & Teo Cervantes interview. 4. BusinessWeek article. 5. Stanford University Interview.


1. Founding of INTEL. 2. Development of Microprocessor technology. 3. Sucessful marketing strategy. 4. Creation of the right team to do the job. 5. Moores' Law.

Different viewpoints:

1. Bob Cringely ('Accidental Empires') 2. Tim Jackson ('Inside Intel'). 3. Intels' official bio. 4. Quotes from various published articles.

Key Points:

1. Moores personality. 2. His reputation. 3. His scientific background. 4. Moores' Law. 5. Team chosen for the job. 6. Problem solving capability.


1. Moore contributed to the birth of the PC (even if he did not realise this at the time). 2. The development of microprocessors in general has had a huge impact on everyday life. 3. Intel continue to be a dominant force in the industry. 4. How Moores personality contributed to this outcome. 5. How Moores Law provided impetus to whole industry.

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