This website,, is for a chiropractic practice. It incorporates several Flash® elements, including the header, navigation and the intro page. This site uses Classic ASP technology, with a PHP Content Management System behind a Newsletter page.
This site,, also makes use of .mp3 files and has a high graphic content. Written in plain HTML. uses SwishMax®, utilising Flash® technology. Some of the portrait photographs were taken by us. is a quite complex site, which splits into two distinct identities. Most of the copy was provided by the client.
This website,, is for a mobile DJ. It is a very simple formula - no more than an online brochure, which has been very successful for the client. All the photographs, shot on location, were taken by us.
A website,, for a Rotary Club, detailing membership and current events. is a simple website promoting a book about a 50's/60's band
A website,, promoting a book and lectures given by the authors. It incorporates a payment page. This uses a PayPal© shopping cart. It also has a comprehensive management system behind it, which allows the client to update their datesheet.